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Camp d'étude

Summer Study Camp

AND also

Test Preparation

Examens D'Admission

Your Custom-Made Test
Preparation Program




Once again this year, we will be offering an academic Math and French summer camp. This camp is aimed at all students wanting to catch up or get ahead in French reading, WRITING and math. We are also offering ENTRANCE EXAM PREP.

The camp is held in Laval and will run from: July 7th to August 22nd ,  Hours are from 9:00-12:00

The students will be engaged in fun learning activities

that would encourage and challenge them to use their French, English (reading and writing) and mathematical abilities.


Once a day all groups will join together to participate in arts and crafts as well as active group games, there are no outings.

You can register your child for a weekly session or for the entire seven weeks!

Our summer private tutoring hours are: Sunday 10-12

4233 Boul. Notre Dame, Laval,QC 514-562-3940

Limited places  



À chaque année nous offrons un CAMP D'ÉTÉ pou préparer, solidifier les connaissances de base pour les élèves du primaire et secondaire avec des cours de français et mathématiques.


Ce camp s'adresse aux étudiants désireux de se rattraper et prendre de l'avance à l'école.


Le camp se tiendra au 4233 boul. Notre-Dame à Laval

Les étudiants participeront dans des activités d'apprentissage amusants tout en aidant à les motiver et les mettre au défi d'utiliser leur

Français (lecture et écriture) et en Mathématique.

Réservez car les places sont limitées

4233 Boul. Notre Dame, Laval 514.562.3940

Preparation aux Examens- Crash course


Prepare yourself for finals and mid-term exams, don't wait!!

Primaire, Secondaire, CEGEP, Université





MATH 200 
Fundamental Concepts of Algebra 
MATH 201 
Elementary Functions 
MATH 202 College Algebra 
MATH 203 
Differential & Integral Calculus I 

MATH 204 Vectors and Matrices 
MATH 205
Differential & Integral Calculus II 

MATH 206 Algebra and Functions 
MATH 208
Fundamental Mathematics I 
MATH 209
Fundamental Mathematics II 
PHYS 204 Mechanics 
PHYS 205 Electricity and Magnetism 
PHYS 206 Waves and Modern Physics 
CHEM 205 General Chemistry 
CHEM 206 General Chemistry II 
CHEM 221 Intro Organic Chemistry I 
CHEM 222 Intro Organic Chemistry II 
MATH 122 Calculus for Management 
MATH 123 
Linear Algebra & Probability 
MATH 133 
Linear Algebra & Geometry 
MATH 140 Calculus 1 
MATH 141 Calculus 2 
MATH 111 Math for Education Students 
MATH 112 Fundamentals of Mathematics 
MATH 150 Calculus A 
MATH 151 Calculus B 
PHYS 101 Mechanics 
PHYS 102 Electromagnetism 
PHYS 131 Mechanics and Waves 
PHYS 142 Electromagnetism & Optics 
CHEM 110 General Chemistry 1 
CHEM 120 General Chemistry 2 

Lasry Education is an affordable tutoring program providing comprehensive tutoring courses. We believe that every student is gifted and each student have exceptional collection of abilities and gifts. Each student encounters distinctive challenges that influences their ability to learn, study and maintain information. Lasry Education will utilizes the student abilities and gifts to help them overcome their academic challenges.


We use a personalized approach to tutor students because we believe that it is important to established personal learning styles and study skills at a young age. We give a free assessment; whichis based on the common core curriculum for a particular subject and the other assessment identifies the learning style of the student. Currently we provide tutoring courses in Mathematics, Science and French . 

Advantages of our program 
1. Tutoring that is very convenient for you and your family. All you need is to come in and meet one of our tutors. 
2. Personalized approach that will help build the student confidence, help build study skills that is very important and will help increase their grades and test scores. 
3. All tutoring materials are provided for FREE 
4. Very affordable courses with various options on the length of the course 
To help every child feel gifted 
Every student in this program will learn that they are gifted and will use their learning styles to succeed in school. 

EXAM PREP ENTRANCE EXAM Test d'admission- Examens d'entrée au écoles privées et internationale
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